Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are We Doomed?

Watching the talking heads the Sunday before the election and I still cannot believe what I am hearing. How can we flush 232 years of freedom down the toilet for a knee jerk emotional vote that appears to be happening.

Reports of our Military personnel's votes not counting because some state laws make it down right impossible for them to meet their requirements, and yet they will bus school age kids, homeless people who don't even know who is running, and college kids who have been propagandized to by their Marxist professors. ACORN registering everything living and dead multiple times and taking our federal tax money to promote Obama.

The injustices and lies and stupidity is very disheartening.

The only hope, real hope that is not the Obama "hope I get the power to enslave" kind of hope, is that every thinking patriot gets off his butt and votes.

If what the Dem's proclaim to be the right direction is a vote for them across the board, why do they have to cheat the system in order to get their man in. If Obama is the next great leader of our country let the system work legally and let right and justice win out. I'm afraid it is too late to hope this will happen.

You don't believe that the followers of Barrack are voting on emotion? Listen to the interviews of people who come out of his rallies, the lady who said "thank God now I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage and putting gas in my car because Barrack is going to help me.", how about Chris Matthews talking about dribbling down his leg when he hear Obama speak! How about the leader of ACORN screaming in her little squeaky voice "we are going to help elect Barrack Obama". I find this all disgusting and disturbing.

Where is the common sense American? I hope to God he is on his way to the polls on Tues.


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