Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic moment

I just watched the US Olympic basketball team win the gold. Closer than what I would have expected but that made it a great finish. What a difference from 4 years ago when the Ego team blew it by being more concerned with chest pounding than playing for team and country. This team had it figured out and it was all about pride and team, and Kobe Bryant led the charge with patriotism and leadership both on and off the court. Kobe's interview with Chris Collinsworth and the teams appearance at various venues set them apart and made it easy to love this team as opposed to the disgust I had for the "04" so called dream team.

Thanks guys


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sports Thoughts in DFW

Wow! The Rangers are stinking it up big time. Here I had my hopes set on a second half run and the only run they are having is to the head. At least the Olympics is a nice distraction from this disaster.

On the bright side; Football season is right around the corner and right behind that the hockey season. Well bright side for me, not so much my wife.

My take on the Cowboys; I’m afraid that they are being over hyped and over rated, I know on paper they look like the team to beat but they don’t play the games on paper and they just don’t seem to have much depth at the skill positions. I fear the injury that will spell the end of our Super Bowl dreams.

My take on the Stars; It appears to me that the only thing the Stars have done this off season is get a year older. Their biggest acquisition is Sean Avery? For toughness and spunk you can’t fault the Stars but I don’t see a knuckle head like Sean Avery taking us to the promise land.

But what the heck, they still have to play the games and regardless of what the sports talk guys say nobody know what is going to happen.

Happy sports to all!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Rules of Deception

Just finished "Rules of Deception" by Christopher Reich, this is an interesting spy novel based on current world conditions and the conflicts and fears of the world community.

The basic premise is what happens when the lead character's wife of 8 years dies in a mountain climbing accident and he finds out that she is and has been a spy. Many twists and turns and surprises ensue.

Well worth the read.