Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tornado relief in Mid West

As I watched the news this morning and seen all the destruction and heartbreak for those in Indiana and Tennessee and the surrounding areas, I can't help but think where is the help for these poor folks going to come from.  I know that the majority of it will come from the hearts and donations of our fellow Americans but what about federal relief funds?

Has this administration spent so much on social programs and pet projects and vacations and campaign trips that there isn't enough left for a real US emergency?  Does Sara Fluke really believe that her sexual needs or wants trumps the needs of the disaster victims, really, tax payer money for birth control for college students, really????

Are we going to have to use borrowed money to take care of our own disaster victims in the US?

Lets get our priorities straight.  The safety and security of the US citizen should be the first item on the budget.  There needs to be monies available to take care of any disaster within our borders, that includes the disaster that is the border.  Let's get the troupes out of areas in the world that don't want us and don't pay for our help and security of their nations to the detriment of our own.  Let's have them within our own borders to protect the sovereignty of our nation and be available to help the citizenry in times of disaster.

Lets get the government out of our schools, kitchens, living rooms, offices, cars, gas stations, and bedrooms and get boots on the ground within the borders to protect and defend.

I feel better now, thank you.