Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oy Veh

This health care bill stuff is making my head explode. I feel like the picture above.

I wish everyone could have everything they ever want or need and never cost them anything, but that is just not realistic.

But I guess the Marxist democrats will not believe it until history proves them wrong also.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Somethings Brewing

In 1989 or 90, I don't remember exactly, Pam and I started to attend a very special, and may I say unusual, prayer/bible study meeting just down the street from us in Joshua, TX. There wasn't any "church business" discussions or social functions and calendar events discussed. There was a lot of praying for our brothers and sisters, but the main focus and primary goal was the knowledge and absolute neccesity of knowing Christ and how to talk to and walk with Him daily, no hourly, no every minute of our lives.

Since this time in Joshua our little group of 8 or 10 people have moved on in our lives, we now live in Arlington, TX, others have moved to other states and even other countries. The pastor of this group, Curtis Dougherty and his wife Jacque, now pastor a small church, or should I say body of believers, in Mt. Vernon, WA. From their home in Wa. they have started a radio broadcast called "Radio of the Master's Voice", where they broadcast spiritual teachings and music from various teachers/preachers 24/7. There is also a link to "Grace Chapel Video" which is where you can sit in on and interact with their Wednesday and Saturday evening meetings. The setting is different but the message is the same.

Now I know this is not probably not the most interesting of information on the surface and this is not intended to be a commercial, but the interesting thing about this is that one by one, or should I say two by two, our small group of hungry believers from Joshua are finding their way from all corners of the country to these online meetings and it is glorious! Last night a brother that we hadn't heard from in 20 years just popped on and blew us all away.

I know that the Lord's plans are bigger than just giving us the pleasure of finding old friends, although He does rejoice in our joy. Since the meeting last night this has been churning in my spirit, that something big is brewing, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this calling back to hundreds if not thousands of basement/upper room meetings was going on throughout the world.

Jesus told us to worship in spirit and in truth, how can we do this amidst a congregation of hundreds or thousands of strangers? I know that this can be inspirational and a wonderful blessing but can your spirit be truthful with God with those thousands of eyes looking on? For me I have to say "very unlikely". We all have things deep in our souls that we have to take directly to the throne of God and lay at His feet as our sacrifice of worship, we cannot do this alone, we need the love and support of close brothers and sisters in the Lord who know how to help each other on a personnal basis.

Perhaps this is the calling I am hearing, a way to have loved ones close yet physically far away, a way to renew communication with the Lord in an intimate and personnal way and not loose communion with the body of Christ.

Is anyone else feeling/experiencing this?

I encourage all who may read this to check out Grace Chapel Video's and see if they inspire and renew your soul.

A lot of questions and few answers but hey that's just the way I roll.

God Bless