Saturday, October 4, 2008


I am baffled by the support of Barrack Obama, I can't understand the mind set that ignores or simply disregards his history of corrupt Chicago style politics, his association with know radicals and down right hatred of our democratic (or at least once was) society. Not even considering the right wing bloggers and some of the weird e-mail you get about Obama, his own writings and know associations and his mentors and pastors and instructors and the history of his travels and overseas connections should be enough to scare the living daylights out of you!!

I'm baffled by the news media's unwillingness (up to today's story about his association with the terrorist Bill Ayers, to go after stories and investigate real treats to our society.

I'm baffled by those who still comment on the VP debate and say that Biden had control of the facts when after the debate it has been shown that most of the quick facts that he was spouting off, and I will admit that it sounded impressive at the time, where just plain false. I believe that this is a liberal tactic, to spew out "facts" that are intentionally false but sound good to make a point, knowing that most people will never realize or care that they are false. The Clintons where masters at this and they must have a wing at Columbia and Harvard and any other so called ivy league school that teaches it to "up and comers".

I'm baffled that John McCain hasn't taken each and every one of the shady characters and questionable associations and contributions of Obama's and blast the light of truth on them for all to see. Although I believe that most of the Obama supporters wouldn't recognize the light of the truth if it burnt a hole in their retinas.

Perhaps McCain is saving his "ACORNs" for the fall harvest.

I'm afraid that it will be 2 years into an Obama presidency before we realize that he is a Markist style Socialist.

God help us!

I'm baffled by those who believe that the federal government can throw more money at the current financial dibacle that they created and fix it! They are idiots, Barney Franks was singing the praises of Fannie and Freddie and now he is blaming everone but himself. IDIOTS!!! And we keep electing the same idiots to office. BIGGER IDIOTS!!!


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